Real Wax LED Candles with Remote Controls

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Real wax LED candles with remote controls are like the superheroes of illumination: they look like ordinary candles, but they have superpowers. Flameless candles come in various sizes, shapes and styles, and in a rainbow array of colours. Flameless candles have gained traction in the home décor market because they are safe, durable and attractive. Innovative design technologies mean that flameless candles now resemble conventional candles so closely that it can be difficult to tell the difference.

In new products, LED bulbs create the illusion of moving flames with randomized flickering effects, mimicking conventional candles, but with none of the dangers posed by open flames. The use of a real wax ensures that your flameless products look, feel and smell like traditional candles. Yet they last longer, cost less, and can even be controlled by a timer or a remote. Learn more about these candle superpowers today!
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Remote Controlled Candles

One of the great benefits of today’s LED candles is that many are available with remote controls and timers. With this advanced technology, thousands of amazing opportunities for decorating become possible. In the home, for example, you can place candles on high shelves or in hard to reach nooks or crannies. You can control these candles with a remote if you use them occasionally -- or you can set them to light up your home on a daily basis, by programming on/off times into a timer.
Outdoors, all-weather LED candles can be placed in thick bushes or high in tree branches, or even in amongst flowers in a flower bed – and no matter how difficult the spot is to access, the candles will be simple to control. Light up your garden path, or create a magical fairy garden easily and affordably.
Crafts involving LED candles can also provide an excellent opportunity to use remotes and timers. For instance, you can design and build beautiful holiday wreaths from willow branches or cedar boughs, and decorate them with candles. Using a remote, you can illuminate the wreath without having to search through the greenery to find individual switches. Many teachers enjoy using remote-controlled LED candles with children; students can create dioramas that include mini campfires, for example. Seasonal crafts, such as glowing tree ornaments, or miniature Jack-o’-Lanterns, turkeys, or snowmen also work well with remote controlled candles.
Remote control LED candles made of real wax is a great way to start off a flameless collection in your store and an easy item to sell to moms, decorators, and DIY-project lovers. 

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